7 exercises to strengthen your legs

Having a strong and toned lower body is one of the great goals for many, especially aesthetically as it serves to show a good figure. But it also provides great benefits on a sports and health level. Therefore, in this post, we will show you why it is convenient to work in this area and which exercises are the best to strengthen your legs.

7 ejercicios para fortalecer las piernas

Why do leg strengthening exercises

Leg Strengthening Exercise is a solution packed with benefits. When it comes to health, it prevents lower back pain. While having strong stabilizing muscles, which are found in the back and trunk, is key, a good lower body will also help. And of course, with good leg shape, muscle injuries such as fibrillar tears can be avoided.

At an athletic level, a strong lower body is key to good results on stress tests, especially endurance. This applies to marathons or half marathons: often the reason for refusing this type of test is not cardiorespiratory fatigue, but pain or muscle fatigue in the lower body. If you don’t have the strength in your twins, quadriceps and other lower muscles, you can go through hell in 15 or 20 km.

Finally, having strong legs is also synonymous with beauty. Wearing a toned and slightly muscular lower body is very attractive to the vast majority of people. For this reason, with the exercises presented here, you can proudly wear sporty tight-fitting tights or lightly fitted legs.

List of 7 Easy Exercises

Many of these leg strengthening exercises have already been discussed on this blog, so we will list them below with related links for more information.

  • Squats: A classic that can be done anywhere, outdoors, at home or in the gym. It is one of the best for strengthening the quadriceps, which is the muscle that works the most here, although it also covers others, such as the thigh muscles. As we explain in this post, there are many versions of the squat, some of which are more demanding than others
  • Steps: the same applies here as we indicated for the squat, but in addition to the buttocks.
  • Jump rope: you can perform a series combining different types of jumps, such as relaxation, with legs together, full turn, in races, etc.
    Climbing and descending stairs: one after the other, two in two, with feet together, in “step” mode … the options are wider than you think, as we told you in another post where we explain the various exercises on the stairs
  • Gym. There are many leg strength machines. The good thing about this is that they allow very focused work on specific muscles. For example, a quadriceps extension device, a hip or hamstring flexor device, or a thigh abductor located on the inner thigh
  • The bike is as static as possible, which allows you to more easily adjust the force. This is one of the best for twins development
  • Swimming: In other articles, we have mentioned this as a wild sport that makes the whole body work. But you can make it one of the best exercises for strengthening your legs if you use floating corks, which, holding them with your hands, will make you do your best to keep your legs moving forward and moving forward. The larger the cork, the less effort will be needed to push, so we recommend using smaller and smaller models.

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