How to exercise at home and not turn your apartment into a gym

How to exercise at home and not turn your apartment into a gym

How to organize space for training

Very often people’s sporting impulses are destroyed by unsettled living conditions. One would like to train, but when you think that your family will stumble on the dumbbells, the desire immediately disappears.

To start allocate a small part of the room. Put a rubber mat on the floor: it will protect your laminate if something heavy falls.

Do not use special floor coverings in apartments: mobile mats are more convenient, and if necessary, they can easily be hidden. For wall finishes, you should choose a good washable paint.

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Advice from Flatplan

In the corner for sports should not be a lot of furniture. Small lockers or shelves for towels and equipment can be placed on the walls. This saves space for working out.

Flatplan: a home workout corner
It will be great if there is a place for a mirror. It will help control the correctness of the exercises and fuel the excitement when the reflection starts to change for the better.

If even such a sports corner does not fit into your apartment now, perhaps you should look at the familiar surroundings in a new way and change something. And no, we do not offer to paint the walls in the bedroom with vandal-proof paint and put a treadmill instead of a bed. The guys from Flatplan will help you arrange your apartment so that you can comfortably live in it and spend your leisure time as you like.

How to choose equipment

To keep in good shape, it is not necessary to arrange a whole gym at home. For power load, home cardio and heavy interval training you need three inexpensive equipment.

1. Dumbbells
These dumbbells consist of a barbell and discs of differing weights that allow you to increase your workload as you progress.

2: A set of resistance bands.
A set of bands with different resistance values can replace half of your gym.

3. Fitball
A big, bouncy ball helps you develop balance and build iron abs.

With this equipment your workout will always be interesting and different. You can adjust the load and perform new exercises even every day.

If you want even more variety

  • Chinning bar for pulling up;
  • Massage roller and balls to warm up and relax after a workout;
  • a jump rope for a good warm-up and frantic cardio;
  • a non-slip mat for floor exercises;
  • leg weights for a good workout for the hips and glutes.

So now you know how to arrange a sports area in the apartment. All that remains is to try it.

But remember: even the hardest workouts won’t produce results without revising your diet.

No matter how hard and right you work out, if your nutrition isn’t aligned, you won’t get results.

To reach your goal, you have to really love the process of working out. It should bring you pleasure and a sense of accomplishment. And so that you don’t get in the way of laziness and unwillingness to spend time on the road, exercise right at home.

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