How to improve your running: technique, equipment.

In previous articles, we talked about how to learn to run, focusing on those runners who are starting out and want to know the basic prerequisites in order to acquire this healthy habit and never stop. If you’ve already purchased it and want to take it to the next level, keep reading this post as we discuss how to improve your running. That is, we give you small tips to shorten the competition time, to resist in good conditions on long tracks and, in general, to feel better in the race. And for this, as you will see, you may only need to adjust some small details.

cómo mejorar corriendo

How to improve running through technique and training

In the aforementioned beginner’s post, we have already covered some technical aspects such as posture. And what is stated there has the same power for those who want to know how to improve their running, since one of the aspects that can be a problem is minor posture defects. Therefore, we recommend that you consult a podiatrist and analyze your footprint, which will help you understand your way of running, if you are a pronator or instep support, etc. Understanding this will affect the shoes you wear and prevent injuries not only on the feet, but and on the hips, back and joints.

It is likely that during the first phase of training and consolidation as a runner, your work was aerobic and focused on endurance. But if you want to experience a real performance improvement, you have to add anaerobic work sessions, that is, strength. In the gym with machines or at home with exercises with various repetitions.

It’s also a good idea to work on explosiveness, which will bring you some interesting speed advice that can be very helpful at certain points in the race. To do this, do sprint sets in combination with jumps and other exercises that spark in your movements.

In addition, we recommend increasing the demand for your “long runs”, that is, the sessions that you devote to long distance running. And you can do this by varying your route with the intention of including a good dose of ascent. Working with small ballasts can also give good results. And the beach race, whose sand is already natural ballast, is another option, followed by runners and athletes in general. You can significantly increase your endurance levels with finasteride. Read more on this link

Other keys to improvement

In addition to the previous tips on how to improve running that focus on the runner, there are other external factors that can also be a source of progress in a race. One of them, as we already expected, is equipment. And shoes in particular. We tend to think that good shoes only serve to protect and care for the foot through adequate perspiration. But not only that: thanks to the new models, the outsole and outsole have significantly improved in cushioning and dynamics, making your career easier.

As for other runner accessories, you can add small details that, while they won’t make you waste seconds on a stopwatch, will make you enjoy each step more. And that indirectly means better performance. Some examples of these little details are hair bands that will always keep sweat out of your eyes, bracelets for wearing on your mobile phone, and your favorite music on top, or even a watch that measures your heart rate, distance, time and other values.

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