Cardiovascular exercise for weight loss and fat burning

Tired of going to the gym to do the same exercises? Did the doctor tell you that you should play sports and you don’t know where to start? Thus, the cardiovascular exercise we suggest in this article might be a good solution. Take note and adapt them to your preferences, time and physical capabilities.

ejercicios cardiovasculares

What is cardiovascular exercise

Cardiovascular exercise is what is also called aerobics. They usually consist of global movements, long to medium duration sessions, and moderate intensity. Therefore, not strength, but the cardiovascular system, hence its name, as well as the respiratory system and other aspects of the body.

And as we pointed out in the title of this post, they are also very good for weight loss and fat burning. In addition, they are adaptable to all types of people, being able to adjust efforts depending on the intensity and duration of the session. On the other hand, most of them do not require too specialized sports equipment, so they also do not require large financial costs.

List of 8 cardiovascular exercises

Below we show you 8 cardiovascular exercises, from the most general to others, more specific and specific.

  • Running: A pretty wild card very popular lately for running fashion and a variety of options when it comes to gear. In our online store you will find sneakers, T-shirts, trousers, tops and accessories of all kinds, from big brands or brands with unbeatable value for money, such as tenth products
  • cycling: just like the previous exercise, it mainly works on the lower body, although not alone. In this case, the intensity is usually less than running, so in order to burn the same calories, the session must be longer than the racing session.
  • Swimming: Traditionally listed as one of the most complete cardiovascular exercises, as it works on huge muscle groups. It is also great for expanding lung capacity.
  • Rowing: This is also one of the most complete cardiovascular exercises since, just like swimming, it works for the whole body while also adding a significant component of strength. .
  • Jump rope: as we pointed out in the previous post, this is a surprise for those who practice it, since the routine of this activity is much richer and more varied than you might imagine at the first moment. As additional equipment you only need a jump rope, and in You can choose the fitness items you find on our website as your clothing, which you can also use in the next three exercises we offer.
  • Climbing and descending stairs: One of the most affordable cardiovascular exercises, as you can use the stairs of any park or street. In a previous post, we also explained the various options that can be applied to a routine that, in addition to burning fat, helps to strengthen and define the glutes.
  • Side Shuffle Cranes : interesting because it requires little space, both indoors and outdoors. Starting from an athletic stance, squatting slightly and with the legs more than the distance from the hips, make quick movements to the right and left, consisting of three or four side steps and touching the ground with the hand when the end of each offset
  • Burpees: Today it is one of the main exercises, thanks to the combination of cardiovascular work and strength. Therefore, it is recommended for people with good physical capabilities. Its set of movements, four in total, is simple but very effective: it starts in a squatting position and, following an electrical impulse, the legs return at the same time the elbow is flexed. He then returns to the starting position and then stands up and performs a clap.

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