How to play tennis

This is one of the hottest sports, it is gaining more and more fans, and indoor or outdoor courts thrive in all cities, supported by municipalities or private investors. But do you really know how to play paddle tennis? If you haven’t practiced it yet and want to do it, in this post we’ll give you some clues to understand its rules and dynamics.

como se juega al padel

How to play mini-tennis: its rules

Explaining how to play paddle tennis is a mission that hardly fits into a blog post, but we’re going to outline the basic concepts of its rules. As a starting point, we must take his big brother: tennis. Obviously, the most important elements are very similar: net, service lines and tables, balls, rackets (which in this sport are called shovels and are characterized by smaller dimensions and no ropes) …

Its rules also have a lot to do with tennis. For example, the consideration of points in sections 15, 30, 40 is equal to the advantage. The party is also divided into games and decorations. And each point starts with a cross feed, for which there are always two tries. Consequently, paddle pants, like tennis, have pockets for carrying a second service ball.

But there are also obvious differences. For example, that the serve must be below the belt, that the game is always played in pairs and, most importantly, the walls of the court also play: the player can hit them with the ball before passing the ball to the other side of the net, or he can bounce off them. until your return.

What are the dynamics of the game

But if there is something that makes the paddle interesting and attractive, it is the dynamics of the game. Anyone can become a padel player because it’s much easier than tennis! Here, strength and speed are less important, so players (professional or not) tend to lengthen their careers.

Paddle tennis is essentially a volleyball sport. It is often said that this sport is won online. Or at least from there you have the initiative: whoever manages to get this place on the path has a frying pan by the handle. Accuracy is essential, but so is intelligence, mastery of space and the ability to anticipate in order to receive the ball in better conditions or send it to the opposite field with possible rebounds. On the other hand, a backhand does not have to be as energetic as in tennis, where it acts like a second right: in paddle tennis it becomes thinner, usually with one hand.

Also, couples who play in unison are the ones who can explain perfectly how to play paddle tennis, as it is a dual sport … they have to act as one. Coordination between both participants should be complete, upload to the network at the same time, reduce space or remove if necessary.

When it comes to practical paddle moves, you will find that short and electric routes are the most common: jumps, brakes and landings at almost all points. This is why a dedicated paddle shoe is so important l as they have the outsole and midsole adapted to these sets.

But don’t be fooled: you never know how to play paddle tennis if you stay in front of this screen: you have to dress short and hold the paddle to truly discover the excitement of this sport, so you wait ?

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