Hydration in sports: aspects to consider

Hydration in sports is a very important issue. Not only to achieve greater performance, but also to avoid panic or unwanted situations when exercising. Here we will tell you why you should pay special attention and how you should hydrate in a sports context.

hidratacion en el deporte

Why hydration is important in sports

When exercising, water loss is greatly accelerated by sweating, which is a mechanism for regulating body temperature. Depending on activity, 1.5 to 3 liters can be lost, so if this deficit is not restored, the body is at risk of a rise in body temperature.

On the other hand, if there is no good hydration, performance will be reduced as the sensation of effort will be much higher during exercise and exhaustion after exercise. Moreover, it is also associated with muscle spasms. And of course, without proper water intake, the body can experience other symptoms associated with dehydration, such as headache or dizziness.

Particular attention should be paid to hot days, as they accelerate sweating and therefore potential dehydration. If you are going to exercise on a particularly hot day or time, remember to always have some water nearby.

When and how to hydrate

The ideal way to maintain proper hydration in sports is to put it into practice before, during and after exercise .. First of all, we must definitely start the exercise with adequate hydration indicators. To do this, it is advisable to drink a little water before starting, but not in large quantities, since the feeling of heaviness in the stomach impairs performance and can be a health problem. On the other hand, a small dose of water is helpful to anticipate the symptom warning us of improper hydration: thirst. While its appearance is normal when performing very demanding activities, it is not so normal when it occurs at the beginning of a session.

In sports, you should also pay attention to hydration during exercise. There are some sports that, due to their development, do not facilitate water breaks. This is the case of cycling or running. In these cases, water should be supplied in small quantities, because the body absorbs it better in this way. The most common ways to accomplish this are with ergonomic bike drums or new hydration packs that have a bag and tube to the mouth. The latter are also very useful for trekking.

Finally, another phase in which you should get good hydration is the one after exercise, because our body does not stop sweating when it stops and water loss increases. In these cases, isotonic drinks are also good allies, because when we sweat, our body releases mineral salts, which we can restore with the help of so-called “sports drinks”.

Especially a wide variety of water bottles and barrels that you can carry in your backpack when you need it most. Some bottles that, due to their ergonomic design, can be attached to the backpack using its rings. Its modern designs and materials keep the water at a temperature and make drinking easier.

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