Why you should include jumping rope in your workout

Why you should include jumping rope in your workout

Jumping rope is an excellent exercise that can act as an alternative to running and has great potential for athletes of all levels and profiles.

Why you should incorporate jumping rope into your training

The debate about the pros and cons, the benefits and harms of running is gradually subsiding: it already has plenty of supporters and active advocates. But at the same time, there are a number of obstacles to fully run on a regular basis: weather conditions, the high cost of treadmills, health restrictions and the like. An alternative to running is jumping rope. Despite the fact that jumping rope is not so popular among supporters of sports and healthy lifestyle, this exercise, like running, has a lot of possibilities. If you also use preparations from https://itsteroids.it/magnus-pharmaceuticals.html you will reach heights faster than without them

Skipping or running?

We talk about jumping rope as an alternative to running, defending the former with arguments such as the projectile’s accessibility, low cost, independence from weather conditions and compactness. Jumping rope burns several times more calories than running in the same amount of time. Certainly, everything depends on the tempo and intensity of exercise, but there is no denying the efficiency of skipping: 10 minutes of jumping at a comfortable pace for an athlete can replace 30-40 minutes of running and burn from 10 to 18 kcal per minute, while the same indicator for jogging is about 13 kcal/min.

Jumping rope involves more muscles. Due to the rotation of the cord, not only the leg muscles work, but also the muscles of the body, biceps, triceps, and abs get the load. Special skipping ropes with a weighted rope can help increase the efficiency of jumping.

skipping rope

Among other things, exercises with jump rope develop coordination and agility, increase explosive power, burn subcutaneous fat, strengthen bone tissue, significantly develop the cardiovascular system (especially in training mode more than 10 minutes in a row).

In the hands of an untrained person the rope may not be more effective than the same jogging. However, after a small amount of training and if the athlete is able to maintain a serious pace, jumping is still more effective than treadmill torture.



Skipping rope in the hands of a professional

When it comes to skipping rope to burn calories, everything is more or less understandable and even a little boring. What is much more interesting is how professional skipping rope is used and what it turns into in their hands. Basketball players, athletes, boxers, crossfitters, speed skaters, volleyball players and swimmers jump rope.


Roy Jones, Lennox Lewis, Mike Tyson, and Mohammed Ali are not a complete list of boxers who have placed a lot of emphasis on jumping rope in their training. They jumped from 10 to 30 minutes every workout with occasional breaks of one minute or no breaks at all. Some jumped at a constant speed, while others preferred to build it up all the time.

Boxers use the whole variety of jumping rope in their training, never neglecting this exercise. It develops leg muscles and, unlike running, improves coordination. Jumping rope helps to develop your own rhythm in the ring, to increase punching power. Moreover, it is a great endurance workout.


Basketball players use jumping rope to increase jumping height. It is through this exercise that they strengthen the calf and cambal muscles. Jumping for 15-20 minutes a day, gradually increasing this time up to half an hour. During the jumps to achieve maximum results, keep your ankles as close to each other as possible. It is believed that the result is achieved after 2-4 weeks of regular exercise.


Skaters skating rope is part of the complex of exercises for general physical training (GTP). Skating rope develops endurance and trains breathing.


Skipping rope is part of complex of exercises aimed at increasing strength and speed. Jumping jacks are performed at increasing, limiting, near limiting tempos.


Jumping rope is one of the basic exercises in crossfit. It’s important here to do as many reps as possible in a minimal amount of time. This is why crossfitters often strive to master double jumping rope.

The jump rope exercise can help you get in great physical shape by taking less time to exercise than we are used to spending on it. This is a great way to increase the productivity of your exercises.

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