Water sports: which one to choose?

There are many water sports, but perhaps only one is made for you. There are various classifications for these disciplines, for example, those that distinguish between sports in water (swimming, water polo, etc.), Sports about water (surf and its derivatives) and those made by in its section (diving and its variations). They can also be classified by volume: in a pool or in open water. And many other options.

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Which water sport is best for me?

To help you choose the water sport that suits you best, in our post we have grouped them into three different categories so you can see which one best suits your needs. also consider the equipment purchased and its purpose. Read on to find out which of the three is made for you.

Water sports to take care of your health

Some water sports are especially indicated for health concerns. This is a case of swimming, a highly recommended activity for strengthening the back, toning the body without aggressive efforts and improving breathing capacity, among other benefits. Plus, it’s one of the least essential gear for your practice: a simple swimsuit, goggles, a hat, flip flops and a towel are included in every swimmer’s basic set. You can find them all in our online sporting goods store.

We can include canoeing in this category, as it is a discipline of strength that allows muscles to work globally, both in the upper and lower body. Here the equipment is more special: canoes, shovels, life jackets or life ropes, and others.

Water sports for fun

If you’re looking for fun, water can provide it for you too. There are many really exciting disciplines, like surfing, for which you’ll need a board and a good wetsuit, especially if you’re doing it in cold water.

All the sports that originate from it, which are held over the water, give a similar adrenaline: water skiing, kitesurfing, windsurfing and even various hoverboard options in which physical effort fades into the background, and into the game balance and coordination skills come into play. Their equipment is more sophisticated and specialized, which is why they are often practiced in adventure companies that provide necessary items such as motor boats or propulsion systems.

Water sports for collaboration

Finally, water sports can also be useful for teamwork, a skill that is highly regarded in other countries, such as soccer or handball. The equivalent in the water world is water polo, as the dynamics of the game are similar, except that it happens in the water. His equipment is similar to swimming equipment, except that there is no need to wear goggles, and the caps have ear muffs that protect this part of the body, but at the same time allow companions to hear.

Another good sport for this purpose is synchronized swimming, which can be considered the aquatic version of rhythmic gymnastics as it combines gymnastics, dance and swimming skills. This is done in pairs or across the entire team, whose members must practice a routine of movement to the rhythm of the music, in unison. The winner, chosen by the court, values ​​aspects such as plastic beauty and synchronization between participants. In terms of equipment, it is practically the same as used for swimming, except that nose clips are usually used here to facilitate the movement of immersion in the water.

Therefore, if you are going to practice water sports such as swimming, synchronized swimming or water polo, there are many swimming accessories you will need on our website.

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