Tips for a Successful Sports Start

Iniciación al deporte

Introspection First

Before you mark a routine as part of a sport, it is important to analyze what situation you are in. Typically, you find yourself in one of the following circumstances:

You have never played sports

We have always heard that sport is health, something important in our life. But you may not have finished assimilating this mantra … Until now. It is never too late to start, although all undertakings are difficult. So, first of all, do not lose heart. Think that stiffness, sweat, and exhaustion will become a part of your day to day. The key is to identify the discipline you like best so that you are more willing to play sports. Zumba, Pilates, spinning, yoga, dancing or walking … Try everything until you find what you love!

You have spent some time without exercising and would like to resume it

Perhaps a few years ago you took a time when there was no one to play sports, but for some reason things got complicated and you left it aside. And now you want to resume it! Of course, you still remember how good you felt and how, in fact, every effort had its reward. Great because it will help you start exercising more vigorously. Of course, train gradually and at a lower intensity than before until you reach physical background. Walk, run, and strengthen your exercises to pick up where you left off.

4 keys to get started if you are a beginner

The moment of truth has arrived! The hardest part is taking a step towards becoming a dedication to the sport, so once you’ve made a decision, everything becomes easier. To make this new habit even easier, we recommend that you take note of these 4 tips and put them into practice!

1. Set yourself an achievable goal

It is quite normal that at first playing sports becomes a real uplift. Therefore, it is best to set an acceptable goal. For example, go for a walk or run 20 minutes after work, or go cycling. You can start three days a week for 30 minutes each session.

2. Pick a simple exercise or exercise

The best way not to give up on the first change is to attend classes that motivate you. Activities like Pilates or Zumba, if they grab your attention, are great ideas to start. Of course, try to keep the sports center near your home, because if you have to travel by car or the subway, you will be lazy. The more you have on hand, the better.

3. Decide what your goal is and fight for it

When you start playing sports, it is also important to set a goal for yourself. It could be weight loss or just keeping fit. Depending on your goal, you should choose one exercise or the other. If you want to lose weight, you are interested in aerobic sports combined with strength, and if you want to get fit, running or CrossFit is for you.

4. Reward yourself

Finally, indulge yourself a little! Exercising after a sedentary lifestyle is difficult, so appreciate it. Indulge in a healthy whim that will help you keep the habit, like buying a new tracksuit!

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