Exercise in water: benefits and examples

Swimming is not the only sport you can do in the pool. You can also do numerous exercises in the water, which in many cases are similar to those you do in the gym. But in this space, their effects and benefits multiply, which is why they spawned a new discipline: aquagim. You will see the benefits of including them in your weekly workout!

Ejercicios en el agua

Benefits of Exercise in Water

One of the great benefits of water exercise is that it has little effect due to our body’s ability to swim. This is why they are used in athletes who are beginning to recover from injury or surgery: the risk of recurrence is much lower than with other percussion exercises such as running or weight machines.

Equally interesting is the resistance offered by the water: it is much greater than the resistance provided by the air, so more force is needed to perform the exercise. This involves additional effort with an effect similar to that of weight vests or weight bracelets, thus increasing physical capacity.

Another very interesting aspect is the ability of these exercises to tone the figure: they involve a lot of calorie burning and moderate, proportionate and very natural results.

It should also be remembered that exercises in the water are available to everyone: anyone can customize the procedure to suit their abilities, because many of these exercises do not require you to know how to swim, since diving into a deep pool area.

Exercises that can be part of your routine

There is a wide variety of exercises in the water, some of which are more difficult than others, so you can always do exercises tailored to your abilities. Here are some examples that might be part of it:

  • Underwater race: as simple as it sounds, but in water, submerging the body to belly level. This can be done on site in a few minutes, and should be enough to find that running around here is much more tiring than outside.
  • Jumping: Another exercise that is impressive in its simplicity … but also in its effectiveness. While standing and pressed against your stomach, you only need to complete a series of jumps, for example, 10 repetitions each
  • Knees to chest: can be done with the body completely submerged, for example, up to the chest or neck. Both knees should be raised almost to the chest, and the arms should be lowered to the bottom of the pool. Therefore, it is one of the most complete water exercises. 10 reps can be a good choice
  • Underwater kicks: As if it were a soccer kick, raise one leg to waist level and in a stretched position. 10 reps, alternating legs
  • Scissors: floating on the back, arms in the shape of a cross and outstretched legs, you must perform cross-legged leg movements in a series of 15 or 20 reps
  • Churro-camber: as if it were a bend, you should jump over the churro into the water, thereby exercising the lower body and the outside.

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