What winter sports should you try this winter?

Winter is just around the corner, and with it winter sports. Due to their special condition, these are disciplines that can only be practiced for a few months of the year, so you have no choice but to try new activities in 2020! In this regard, we will tell you about some of the main winter sports and why you should not miss another year to start in them.

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5 snow sports you want to pick from your 2020 agenda

Winter sports, as the name suggests, have a feature that requires extreme temperatures and snowy surfaces. For this reason, depending on where you intend to practice them, you may only have a few months.

1. Skiing

Skiing is the most important sport in the snow. However, despite the fact that its popularity is growing every year, there are still those who have never dared to ski. As you know, it is important to have special equipment such as the skis themselves, poles and special boots that will be attached to the former. Spain has many ski slopes for beginners and advanced. Some of the most famous are Candanchu, Formigal, Sierra Nevada or Astun.

2. Snowshoes

Snowshoes are accessories that, by hooking onto your boots, allow you to traverse the snow as if you were on muddy ground. It is clear that the difficulty is slightly more, since the steps are not so smooth, but this makes it a very exciting activity on the snow. When performed on surfaces without slopes (as opposed to skiing), this action is indicated for all audiences and levels.

3. Snowboard

Lovers of skateboarding or surfing snowboarding will find the best winter pastime. This sport is performed on a special board and consists of surfing in the snow. Although it can be difficult to maintain balance at first and the falls will be constant, with practice you will master the technique. Generally, the same slopes where you ski are suitable for snowboarding.

4. Ski bike

Cycling also has its counterpart in the snow. We mean Ski Bike, a sport that combines skiing and cycling. If, by chance, these are your hobbies, you’re in luck. A ski bike is made with a snow bike that includes skis instead of wheels so that it can slide. Just sit in the saddle, grab the wheel and get ready to ride downhill.

5. Snowmobiles

Another winter sport that is pure adrenaline is snowmobiling. If you are a speed enthusiast, these vehicles will make your heart beat faster and the speedometer reaches 120 km / h. Since there is a vehicle involved, wearing a helmet is recommended.

Adequate winter sports equipment

Doing any of these sports involves exposure to extreme weather conditions, which in many cases are several degrees below zero. Therefore, in addition to the specific equipment for each winter sport (helmets, boots or certain clothing), you should always ensure maximum comfort.

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