How to use a Crossfit bike for training

Apparently, the Crossfit motorcycle looks like an elliptical one. But while they have obvious similarities, they also have important differences. In particular, it takes effort: this model is a favorite in high intensity HIIT sessions, while ellipticals support more moderate use, adapted for all profile types. Therefore, in this post, we explain how the Assault Air Bike is used – this is another name that this fancy car gets.

cómo usar la bicicleta de crossfit en tu entrenamiento

How and how to sit on a Crossfit bike

Like any stationary bike, the Crossfit bike has pedals. And as an elliptical one, it has two movable arms or blades that move alternately to accommodate the athlete’s natural hand. However, the elliptical is used while standing, bareback, because its work is based on a movement similar to running or walking.

On the other hand, the Crossfit bike has a saddle, as it is designed to be used in a seated position, given the great effort that must be put in to operate it. And the culprit behind this effort is the front wheel, the true hallmark of the machine. It is a cage-like air wheel that raises a paradox: the more force is applied, the more force is required to move the bike. This is due to the air resistance to the wheel, as instead of spokes it has blade-like details.

How to “move” this bike

Description of the pose for taking a Crossfit bike: sitting, with a straight back, but with the torso slightly forward, so that the user does not take his eyes off the ground. To do this, it is important to correctly adjust the saddle and handlebar height before starting.

This workout is very complete as it requires a lot of effort in both the upper and lower body. That is, the arms do not provide simple support or support for the body, but must provide a push as powerful as that of the legs.

Various combinations of exercise and rest are allowed throughout the show. The two most common are:

  • 20 seconds of work, with breaks of 10 seconds, without any effort.
  • 15-30 seconds of work, with active breaks of 30-60 seconds, in which you continue to pedal on the bike, albeit without intensity.

The center console, located in the area of ​​the steering wheel, shows parameters such as power generated, RPM traveled or distance, so you can base your training on that goal. It does not interfere with tracking pulsations during a session, because this powerful and explosive effort raises them to high levels in a matter of seconds.

The equipment needed for this training doesn’t have to be particularly technical: it will suffice with breathable shirts, tights, or shorts like those you find in our Fitness sections. Of course: it is recommended that the sole of the shoe is firm so that the plant does not suffer from the pedals. In any case, the pedal usually has its own strap to keep the foot firm and there is no loss of power with every step. You can also protect your hands with sports gloves and a seat cover for a more comfortable posture.

And, as you will understand, once you sit on it, this workout should be done in the gym or in a completely isolated room, since it is a very noisy device. So take your backpack or bag with you and don’t forget to bring your usual things with you, as we reminded you a few weeks ago.

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