HIIT routine: how to burn fat in 30 minutes

30 minutes. That’s more than enough to burn fat with a good HIIT regimen. Therefore, in this article we will give you some suggestions to get you through a high intensity workout in just half an hour. And it will make you notice results sooner than you imagine. You will lose weight without spending too much time every day!

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Why can HIIT be effective at burning fat?

After the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) procedure, there are two irrefutable consequences: an improvement in cardiorespiratory capacity and an increase in muscle strength. But while this is not as widespread among researchers, high-intensity training can also have fat-burning effects.

First of all, it should be remembered that there are two main types of training that can be mentioned: the mentioned HIIT and its opposite, LISS (Low Intensity Steady State), which is mainly based on aerobic exercise (running, cycling, etc.). ), which can be gradually increased in intensity. And it should be clear from the outset that the HIIT procedure is only valid for people with good physical abilities, while the LISS is only for those who are not fit or do not have great physical ability. Otherwise, LISS will be ineffective in its mission to burn fat, and HIIT can cause illness in those who practice it. So make sure you are suitable for high intensity workouts.

Low intensity in long sessions (like one hour) is a good weight loss exercise for people who are out of shape and not used to exercise: your body easily uses up fat as soon as you need it higher than usual energy consumption. But what happens to those who are already used to great effort? The solution for many is not to increase the duration, but the intensity, even to reduce the time spent training.

How HIIT Slimming Procedure Can Be

First of all, we give you some basic guidelines regarding the timing of the session:

  • Start with a warm-up, 3 to 8 minutes.
  • The session will alternate sequentially with one minute of exercise and another with rest, if possible, active instead of full.
  • There are three different points in the exercise chain, depending on the intensity applied to the minutes of exercise:
    – Ascending: In this first third, more and more intensity is applied until it reaches 8 out of 10 on an imaginary scale.
    – Summit: The centerpiece of the workout is to put all the meat on the grill, with exercises at 9 out of 10 in intensity.
    – Descending: without stopping, it goes away reducing exercise intensity in the last minutes to 7 out of 10 .
  • There should be a short period of a few minutes at the end to return to calmness, mostly with stretching. Secondly, we give you a list of exercises that you can do in this program, depending on your preference, your space. training, your equipment, etc.
  • Running, especially sprints.
  • An exercise bike, especially a Crossfit or spinning bike.
  • Rowing that will be easier with the appropriate machine in the gym.
  • Actions such as skipping rope.
  • Classic gym exercises like burpees, squats of various types.
  • Exercises with weights or kettlebells, such as kettlebells, as described earlier.

And as a guide, wear breathable clothing and take a good towel with you because you sweat a lot, so a hair band or bracelet won’t hurt.

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