How to do sports at home

The hardest part of exercising without leaving your home is getting started. And this is the one who never offered to play sports in the heat at home and eventually left? This has happened to all of us because of laziness or lack of motivation. But that was before I figured out how to practice at home without dying, trying. Here are some of the keys to help you stay fit without giving up on the first change.

Cómo hacer ejercicio en casa

5 tips to start exercising at home today

When it comes to sports, excuses thrive like spring. We have many arguments, but we lack desire. Therefore, we will give you 5 tips to make you feel at home. Moreover, you want it. Here we are!

1. Be realistic

If you’re wondering how to study at home, the answer is realistic. This means that the goals you set must be achievable. If you are going to start exercising after a year of being inactive, you should walk a little. First, set a simple goal (like 15 minutes of exercise). When you see that you achieve this, you will feel motivated to go further.

2. Consider it a habit

Playing sports should become another habit, like going to English lessons or shopping. So it’s much better if you plan at what time of day it will happen. For example, after coffee at noon.

3. Record your daily achievements

Keeping records of what you accomplish day in and day out will no doubt be an injection of self-esteem. In fact, it will stimulate you not only to keep up the good work, but also to improve yourself. Plus, you’ll love seeing how at first you only held 15 presses in a row, and after a few weeks you can double that number effortlessly. Do you see as if you could?

4. Reward yourself

Especially in the early days, when classes at home are more expensive, it is worth pampering yourself a little after training. Of course, they should bring a healthy reward, like a square of chocolate (yes, high in cocoa, at least 85%) or take longer showers than usual to relax.

5. Get the right sportswear

The final tip to help you decide to exercise in the comfort of your home is to buy new clothes.

Exercise to train at home

Once you’ve followed the writing prompts, it’s time to start your exercises! Then take a look at this fitness session proposal to make your home your personal gym in an easy way.

Squats (30 seconds)

Squats will help you shape your glutes and legs. Because it is such a complete and simple exercise (you don’t need any additional tools, just your body), it is one of those not to be missed.

Push-ups (15 total)

And if we’re talking about exercises that involve the whole body, push-ups are queens. With them, you will gain strength in the upper body. If they are too stiff at first, place your knees on the floor.

Steps (10 total)

Steps, as the name suggests, are to move forward a larger step than you normally would. To do this correctly, the front leg must be bent.

Plates (30 seconds)

Irons are perfect for belly work. Remember to keep your back straight when doing them. At first it would be unthinkable to hold for 30 seconds, but with confidence you will improve more than you thought.

Buttocks Bridge (15 total)

Another exercise that you can do even in bed is the gluteal bridge. Remember to hold them tight throughout the episode.

Kidnappers (15 total)

The kidnappers will be the best ally to carefully work out the legs. Lie on your side and lift your upper leg. Do 15 with each leg.

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