Triathlon Workout: Keys

Triathlon training is not quite the sum of running, swimming and cycling training. While these three disciplines need to be worked on separately, the global session agenda should be done with the overall effort that put into this type of competition. For this reason, some sessions are conducted exclusively in one discipline, while others are “combined”: with two or even all three in the same workout. Check out this post where we will give you some tips on how to prepare for ra this day.

entrenamiento triatlon

Consider before starting

As with any other sport, your triathlon training will depend on your level, which is divided into four levels of requirement here: super sprint , sprint, Olympic and half . The distances change and hence the total duration of the test.

Another key point is the technique of each discipline: in triathlon training, it is necessary to work not only on resistance and physical background, but also on small details that optimize effort. For example, I learned to get an efficient stroke, an efficient bar pedaling, or a stride with a proper fit while running.

It is also recommended that the training conditions are as similar as possible to those of the competition. Axis , in swimming: if the competition is about swimming in open water, pool training can be misleading, because with every impulse on the wall you can get there every time “cut off” 5 meters to the same distance in open waters was more demanding for you.

On the other hand, remember that triathlon is not a discipline of small jerks, but of long efforts. And the training plan that we offer you should also be like this: long-term, because za starts to give results in weeks.

The success or failure of your plan is highly dependent on rest. Of course, with a night’s rest, which is necessary in any sport: physical effort makes us increase the time that passes we sleep, which should not be lower than 8 hours. But also weekly rest, which should be one or two days a week, depending on the level.

Triathlon Training Plan

Triathlon training will differ depending on your category. For me for the guide we have chosen a proposal that is neither basic nor very demanding: sprint modality at an intermediate level. That is, for the purpose of a competition in which they cover a distance of 750 meters, they cover 20 kilometers on a bicycle and walk 5 kilometers on foot e. Here are instructions for organizing your plan:

  • Work 8 weeks before the competition
  • Alternates one week with one day off and another with two days off. The week immediately before the competition – you can afford the “luxury” of three rests to find freshness on the last day
  • Add total minutes of triathlon training per week. You don’t have to train at the same time every week: in fact, the most demanding spike should be placed two or three weeks before the competition. For example, , the quietest week before the competition, you can add 70 minutes of work, while during the peak week you can cheer yourself up with 350 minutes training
  • These the number of minutes must be proportional to the competition. Therefore, the discipline that should take less time is swimming. For reference: this is the average time s is set in a sprint competition:
    • Swimming: 12-14 minutes (20%)
    • Cycling: 30 to 35 minutes (50%)
    • Travel: 18 to 25 minutes (30%)
  • c on average, do combined sessions twice a week

As for equipment, make sure you have clothes and shoes that are appropriate for each modality and that are easy to take off, and because when you change disciplines you lose (or gain) a few very valuable seconds.

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