Coordination exercises. To improve your abilities

Coordination is a skill without which we do not repair until we have to perform a more specific exercise in which it is necessary. For example, one in which you have to alternately move your arms and legs, following the sequence. The good news is that there are coordination exercises that will be very beneficial for your next exercise routine, and that you can work out comfortably at home, in the gym, or outdoors. Of course, always well equipped: the right footwear for the exercise and clothing that makes it easier for your body to move, such as tracksuits or tights.

Ejercicios de coordinación

What is coordination

Someone who lacks coordination is often called awkward. Especially in activities like aerobics or zumba, the lack of coordination becomes more evident. Have you ever thought that you don’t walk with the ball? So you may need to improve it.

Coordination can be defined as the motor ability to make precise and efficient movements while maintaining a specific speed or pattern. This usually starts to fail in middle age, which does not mean that in full youth we all have 100% coordination.

Like other capabilities of the muscular system, such as flexibility, balance, or agility, this can be used to restore the lost connection between the brain and muscles. There is nothing that cannot be achieved with exercise!

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Improve your coordination step by step

If you play sports frequently, you just need to incorporate certain coordination exercises into your training program. Below we will tell you about the most interesting ones.

1. Exercises to improve eye-hand coordination

To train eye-hand coordination, you only need a tennis ball. The idea is that you throw it against the wall and pick it up with your other hand. This is a very simple exercise, but it offers tremendous benefits. Another way would be to pick up the ball (no matter which hand), but without leaving a certain mark.

2. Exercise to improve spatial coordination

In this exercise we discussed, balance comes into play. To start, stand up and turn 180º with a jump. The idea is that you do this without leaving the axis. It is normal that the first few times you will not get the expected results, but gradually you will improve yourself. To make this coordination exercise more complete, jump first to one side and then to the other.

3. Exercises for coordination and balance

Another exercise in which balance is a fundamental part is walking along a line on the floor, trying not to lose balance. It is also a very easy way to improve coordination. An interesting variation is the traditional game of classics, which, if you remember, requires coordinated jumping on squares previously drawn on the ground.

4. Coordination and speed drills

In this case, speed is added to the game with a simple formula like camber. This playful instrument, which has given us so many good times when we were little, has a sporting function that should not go unnoticed. Until you get used to it again, you may need to slow down first, but ideally you should gradually increase your speed.

5. Ball coordination exercise

Finally, we offer an exercise for hand-to-leg coordination. Take the ball to get started. Place one foot on top of it and then jump until the other foot is on top of it. At the same time, raise the arm opposite to the leg on the ball.

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