How to squat correctly?

Every lower body workout has an exercise not to be missed: the squat. This is a very simple practice once you master it, but you may be a little confused at first. For this reason, we are going to dedicate this article to how to squat properly. Your legs and buttocks will be the first to win.

Cómo hacer sentadillas correctamente

Squat Benefits

Before you start talking about how to squat properly, you should know what the benefits of this exercise are. To strengthen the muscles of the lower body, the truth is that squats are unmatched. Let’s take a look at some of its main benefits.

1. Strengthen the legs and buttocks

Due to the dynamics of squatting, the direct consequence of doing squats is that your legs and buttocks will eventually strengthen. This exercise works on a variety of muscle groups, such as the hamstrings, quadriceps, or abductors.

2. They burn fat

Another major benefit of squatting properly is reducing body fat. By doing this exercise frequently, you will gradually shape your lower body.

3. They improve mobility

Squats help strengthen joints and thus improve mobility. Reps strengthen your hips, ankles and knees.

4. They provide balance and resistance

Continuous squatting practice promotes resistance, but not only because it also rewards other qualities valued in the athlete, such as balance or flexibility.

Squat step by step

Now that we’ve seen its benefits, it’s time to talk about how to squat properly. This is important not only in order to make the most of the benefits of this exercise, but also in order not to hurt yourself. Dress in comfortable sports tights that allow your body to move freely and wear fitness shoes that provide stability. Received? Here’s a step by step.

1. Warming up

To avoid injury, you need to warm up a little. At this point, we recommend that you do a few minutes of the previous exercise, such as bringing each knee up to your chest.

2. Correct position

The next thing is to get into the correct squat position. To do this, place your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep them well supported and with your toes slightly outward. The back should be straight throughout the session.

3. Walk forward

Throughout the exercise, the head should always be directed forward and not toward the ground. This way, you can be sure that your back is straight.

4. Tighten belly

The abdomen should be tight while squatting. This way, you will also be working with this part of your body.

5. Descent

The descent time has come. A tip that helps a lot to learn how to do this is to think that you are going to sit in a chair. This means that you must pay attention to the buttocks and not only hold them firmly, but also stretch them slightly. Remember that this is not a downward movement, but a backward movement.

6. Focus on your knees

During the descent, it is important to pay attention to the knees. The goal is not the flexion itself, but rather it happens through a movement that brings the glutes back. It is very important to ensure that your knees do not exceed your toes during this stage of the descent.

7. Replays

If you’re wondering how to squat properly, the point is to practice. Returns to its original position and drops again. Do some reps.

8. Weighted

To strengthen squats, you can put on weight. For example, holding weights or dumbbells.

Finally, you only need to have shoes and gym clothes to do squats properly. You will find everything you need in tenths!

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