Family sport

Family sports practice is one of the best activities you can do. As we will see below, it is full of benefits and adaptable to a wide range of disciplines. Therefore, in this post, we will also give you some ideas about sports that you can enjoy in the company of your children, nephews, brothers, etc.

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Why sports with the whole family: the benefits

First of all, playing sports with the family is a way to combat sedentary lifestyles to make sure with your own eyes that your children are engaged in healthy activities. It is true that they have physical education in school and college, but if what they learn there does not continue in daily life, it will be useless.

Associated with this is education by example, which has long-term implications: if you want your children to continue to play sports in the future, and not only when they are in front of your eyes, you must make them understand that sports is something normal that should be part of our life. And there is nothing better for that than leading by example: they need to see how you practice it.

At the family level, playing sports together is a great act of coexistence: sharing activities will strengthen bonds between everyone, both parents and children, and between spouses and siblings.

Of course, the big advantage is that it’s a fun activity: you don’t need to convince your kids to go out and play sports with the whole family, they convince themselves! You just have to pick the one they really like and they will feel like they are playing a real game instead of training.

Sport is not only a healthy habit, but also the cultivation of values. And one of them is sportsmanship and acceptance of defeat. With the left hand that characterizes every father and every mother, you can make everyone win … and everyone loses sometime. To understand for sure that in life you do not always win, and you must know how to deal with the disappointment that comes with failure.

Last but not least for a family farm, the low cost of equipping some of the disciplines that can be done: a soccer ball, good sneakers or boots, some skates … And many of them, as you can imagine, can be practiced outdoors air without the need to rent premises.

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Family sports activities

Hiking is a great family sport. It combines physical activity and nature, and its level of demand adapts to any age: the difference in distance or height can be adjusted for children of all ages. It is also a moderate activity on its own, which allows for pauses for breaks.

Cycling is another family sport classic, precisely because it is one of the most fun. Many children cannot part with the bike because it is great fun for them! If your children are small and keep relatively short distances and at a slow pace, you can combine cycling (children) with running (adults), as the displayed speed will be very similar and thus you will be able to control them well.

rackets are also very interesting as they are a lot of fun once you master the technique. Badminton and ping pong are probably the easiest, while tennis and paddle tennis are for boys and girls who have already started.

And finally, skating on ice or on wheels. They will see your skates as a toy, and there will be very few of them. In fact, if parents don’t have much experience, they will see their children teaching real lessons soon!

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