20 Minute Episode: Keys and Examples

A workout based on 20 minute sets, each session can seem like a very unpretentious plan to lose weight, tone, or maintain proper fitness. However, for many people this is quite enough, depending on their goals, physical composition, or other factors. In these lines, we will tell you a few keys, as well as exercises that you can do in your subroutines.

series de 20 min

Why 20 Minute TV Series

During training, the usual workouts of any athlete usually exceed more than half an hour. But more and more are choosing 20-minute episodes. Many choose them this way due to sheer lack of time: there is not enough room in their schedule for classes for an hour. Others, on the other hand, choose this solution because they believe it is best suited to their capabilities.

The key to this is intensity: in 20 minutes it can take time to burn more than 500 calories, but to achieve this it is necessary that the effort is very demanding and sustained over time. Otherwise, if your goal is to lose weight, such a short and low intensity session will be meaningless, even if it is done every day, since the body has just started to burn spare calories in the 20th minute. Such a short training period can only be recommended for those who, due to health problems, cannot spend more time. Or for very light recovery sessions after a lot of effort, such as a competition.

And if we are talking about high-level athletes, 20-minute series will only make sense if they cling to one another during the same workout, preferably changing their activity (aerobic and anaerobic). And among them it is necessary to introduce short rest periods in order to better meet the next series. However, if your episode consists of small one-minute miniseries, it is recommended that you take short breaks of 15 or 20 seconds in between.

Examples of exercises or procedures for this type of series

As we said, you can organize your 20-minute series into divisions of different exercises, for example 1 minute. This is an interesting option if you want to work out at home or in the gym. Here are some exercises you can enter that require high intensity to do:

  • Climber: From the starting position of the board (body face down with legs extended and supporting arms and legs), you should raise your legs forward or until you reach chest height with your knees
  • Burpee: We have already mentioned this in other articles, as it is one of the most complete exercises including push-ups, push-ups and jumps
  • Squats: another of the common exercises in our exercises, they must be done at a very good pace to get the effect
  • Jumping Jacks or Jumping Jacks are more difficult than normal jumps as they also involve arm movement

Another key to the success of this 20-minute series is adding weight to your body for more effort. The easiest way to hold your arms with dumbbells or weights is, but there are also weighted vests, bracelets or bracelets.

And if you decide to choose a simple running workout, you must maintain a high pace throughout the session, for example below 4.30 minutes per kilometer. It is also effective to alternate sprints or higher intervals of speed with continuous running, which activates the burning of calories.

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