How to use exercise equipment

You walked into the gym and were amazed at the number and variety of strength machines, pulleys, and other gadgets? Don’t you know where to start a session, or are you just using two or three models because you don’t know how to deal with the rest? Don’t worry, in this post we’ll explain how to use the 6 machines and give you some tips to help you get the most out of your workout.

cómo usar las máquinas del gym

How to use the 6 machines

Since the variety and complexity are great, below we will simply show you how to use the 6 machines. We have chosen the most common and easiest way for athletes who, like you, start.

  • Treadmill: Everyone knows, we recommend that you know in advance how to turn it off in an emergency. This advice applies to any other machine. Do not activate or deactivate it suddenly, but gradually. If it has handles or handrails, use them to start, end, or resume exercise
  • Exercise Bike: Another very basic bike, the most important aspect of which is the correct saddle and handlebar height adjustment, if applicable. This height should be such that you do not fully extend your legs and do not hit your knees on the handlebars. The point of contact and momentum of the foot on the pedal should be the axis of the metatarsal bone. If you choose this machine for cardiovascular work, a regular stationary bike might work, but if you are looking for muscle strengthening, choose a spinning bike
  • Elliptical bike: the machine is even more complete than the previous one, where the joints suffer less. You should adjust your stride length at your natural pace. In this case, the foot is in the center of the pedal. You can hold the paddles tighter for more comfort, or move them in coordination with your body for fuller work.
  • Stepper: its position and movement are similar to elliptical. It simulates climbing a ladder, so you should always keep your knees parallel and not choose too much weight as this will overly punish your joints.
  • Peck Deck: is one of the machines that works in a seated position, and the key to using it correctly is getting the right posture. Adjust the seat height so that your knees are at right angles and your arms are aligned with your shoulders, keeping another right angle at your elbows. Keep your back and feet firmly on the floor at a distance similar to your shoulders, relax your shoulders, and start with a light weight that you shouldn’t move. You must also have controlled and controlled breathing
  • Dorsalera: another seated machine, with a posture similar to the previous one, but without back support, which you must keep straight and firm. For the arms, split the arms on the plank so that when stretched they form a “V” and when they are at shoulder height they form right angles. The bar can be worn behind the head, but not below the shoulder line

Other tips to get the most out of your machines

Interesting to mention other additional tips to know how to use the machines. One has to do with warm-up and stretching: you don’t have to start from scratch with cars, even with low speed or weight. You should first stretch the muscle groups to work and, if possible, do a little aerobic activity, in addition to getting adequate hydration.

When it comes to weights and reps, don’t have a problem with it gradually and start with values ​​that are very acceptable to you. Keep in mind that a medium-duty exercise can include 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps each, so try to reach this value over time and slowly, or injury may result. And remember, if you focus on shifting weight, you will be working on muscle development, but if you prioritize reps with less weight, you will get toning results.

Finally, in your sports equipment, rely on the comfort of your choice, whether it is stretchy or wide clothing, but do not neglect to protect some areas that may be more affected: palms, lower back, joints … Gloves, belts, Mittens or knee pads can be good allies in this regard.

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